Will Lash Extensions Rip Out My Lashes?

OK, lets put this to rest. I hear this question all the time, and I want to address this concern. As a lash technician, working on lashes for quite a while now, I have newbies who are concerned about their lashes being ripped out by lash extensions.

So here’s the deal: Eyelash extensions are the one-on-one method of application, where one lash extension is placed onto your natural lash. This means that once the lash bonds (about 5 seconds after placement) it will hold on to the lash, and will fall out naturally when your own lash “sheds”. According to the natural lash cycle, you will lose 1-2 lashes a day.

When I see my clients, I usually see that they have healthier lashes after several months of extensions. This is primarily because they are not curling, and painting on gobs of mascara, so there’s a lot less actual wear and tear of the lashes. I see more growth and healthier hair follicle with my lash extension clients….

There is the psychological effect that these women experience though. They feel as though they have less lashes and shorter. This is becauce they have adjusted to the new look and feel of their lash extensions. In reality, their own natural lashes have not been affected.

For clients who have medical hair loss, or hae been wearing strip lashes or party lashes for a long period of time and have experienced lash loss for those reasons, I recommend Billion Dollar Brows “Brow Boost”. It’s a natural alternative to latisse, and can encourage healthy growth when used regularly. It works for brows and lashes. At on $20 a tube (one tube lasts about 2-3 months), it’s a real steal!  Check out their spa in Beverly Hills  on Charleville, or go to their website www.billiondollarbrows.com

In an additional effort to keep lashes extra healthy, I am making a complete change over to mink and silk lashes. They are feather light (my most sensitive clients say that they feel weightless), so they dont “weigh down” your own natural lashes, and they are extermely flexible, so they wear longer with the natural lash. Call me today for a consultation! (818) 915-6958


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