Beat Monday Blah’s. Get a Mini Spa Treatment this Weekend

Do you love changing your look just a little? Want to boost your beauty quotient? How can you look lovely and nOt overdone? Want some semi-permanent enhancements that don’t involve needles?

Eyelash extensions are luxurious and flirty. Add a kiss of golden sun and you will be camera ready and looking gorgeous all day long!

Lashes and a kiss of sun is always beautiful

Take advantage of our Holiday specials:

  •  Spray tan and full set of individual lash extensions for only $150 (regularly $275.00 Value)
  • Individual Lash Extensions for $150 and get a Gift Certificate for a full set of lashes for the holidays!

Give yourself and your closest friend or family member the gift of luxury and glamour with a set of semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions.

Each lash enhancement is custom tailored to you individual eye anatomy, personal style and preference. Like a make up artist or surgeon, I have the ability to place lashes in such a way that can define and reshape your current eye shape, open up your eye area and really let those peepers shine. It will increase your sense of personal beauty with every bat of those lashes!


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