Where Can I Get Certified to Do Mink Lashes?

MAY 14-15 10 am-5pm


This is where the class will be held:
Ma Maison de Beauté and Advanced Laser – more
8804 Rosewood Avenue, West Hollywood, CA (310) 385-0643


And the info so that you can forward it without the link…

Your friends get this special deal:
$325 kit
$650 training.
I will accept all major credit cards and am willing to take payment arrangements from them.

At $200 average application fee, the class and kit pays for itself within the first month of service, sometime in the first week.


Lalalash offers regular classes for lash technician training in the heart of Beverly Hills at Ma Maison Spa. We are proud to offer the best in training as well as ongoing support, service supply and master/private training. We partner exclusively with Cils France lash products to offer the finest in extension products at the best prices available.

LASH BOOT CAMP is a 2 day 14 hour intensive course which includes:

* Basic lash application techniques
* Lash removal techniques
* Lash care instructions
* EXCLUSIVE silicone lash perm offered only through Cils France
* Lash business 101
* Eye shape/lash type evaluation
* Lash model placement
* Lalalash lash technician certification.

As you begin to perform lash applications, support is crucial. Lalalash offers an unparalleled ongoing support with each certification which includes 30 days of technician support with an optional 4 hour follow up class for each certified student.


* $695 training fee and mandatory kit fee of $350.
* 30% is due upon enrollment. Payment plans can be arranged with full fee required to be recieved prior to class. Credit cards are accepted.
* Groups of 3 or more will receive a discounted rate of $600 per student, kit fee not included in this discount.


* Medium/fast drying premium grade adhesive
* Medical slow patches (best for beginners)
* Marketing materials for point of sale
* 200 Applications worth of product
* All hardware/implements needed for lash training



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