Lalalash Eyelash Extension Training in Los Angeles

As beauty, science and technology advance, so does the public appetite for exceptional personal care services. Lash extensions have grown from being considered a gimmicky fashion trend, to becoming a highly sought after service that clients will spend hundreds of dollars on every month. Lalalash, originally established in Beverly Hills, is expert at achieving the look of the stars that all your clients want. Lalalash is now offering Lash Boot Camp trainings where she teaches you HER LASH SECRETS! Lalalash can help you add a phenomenal service that will increase return clients and referrals. Lash extensions are still a unique service that will set you apart from the rest. Build your business to new heights with Lalalash.

Lash extensions are delicate and seamless. When applied correctly they are uber-flattering and fun to wear. Not only are the low maintanence, as they eliminate prep time and the need for heavy makeup, but they are age-defying- the wearer looks and feels the visible lift of 5-10 years. Lashes make tired eyes OPEN up, and give the wearer a way to really showcase their favorite feature.

Finally, with expert training through Lalalash’s celebrity lash extensionist, Connie Armstrong, and her team, lash fans can learn proper techniques that will get them return clients, referrals and rave reviews. Lash addicts abound. Would you like to add THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to your monthly revenues? Offering lash extensions is the sure way to do it! With her unique experience as a business executive, and years in the field as a technician, Connie truly understands the ways to run a successful lash practice. She shares her secrets with you including unique personal techniques, exclusive CILS FRANCE products that will extend the life of you clients lashes and achieve excellent results, and ongoing technician support as they begin service.

“(Connie) is a sweet and patient teacher. My daughter took the class last week and is already making money doing lashes! We are so excited about this opportunity!” Wendy B.
“The class was really fun. I thought it might be a long day, but it was fun and informative. I really enjoyed myself.” Suzanne P.
“I bought product today, but have already booked clients for the service. They can’t wait to get their lashes done.” Nicole


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