The Owner

Lalalash is a private studio located in Studio City is a top lash extension technician, master trainer and lash treatment specialist. With over 10 years of beauty industry experience and 6 years of lash specialization she has distinguished herself as a leading stylist in her field attracting high end lash extension clients as well as celebrity clientele.

Lalalash was founded by Constance Armstrong. As she established her clientele in the heart of Beverly Hills, she learned tips, tricks and secrets to making the most fabulous set of lashes. She is known for the speed and accuracy which set her apart from her peers. Her process is uniquely customized for the personal style, needs and wishes of each client, resulting in a natural but noticeably beautiful application every time.

Connie Armstrong has she has nearly a decade of experience as a product development consultant and executive for makeup and personal care brands such as Stila, Jouer, Billion Dollar Brows, Anastasia, Rock & Republic and Intelligent Beauty amongst many others. prior to making a full time transition into the lash industry she was Brand Manager of Dinair Airbrush Makeup Intl. Additionally, she was the founding member and partner in the Development Team Astor Ash, which specialized in growing the sales and distribution footprint and reach of small to mid size personal care companies. She has a passion for skincare and cosmetics industry, which translates into her in-depth understanding of beauty trends from every perspective.
Constance Armstrong is a master lash extension technician with over 500 hours of training by the most highly reputed lash technicians in the country. Not only highly adept in the one-lash-to-one-lash application, Connie also specializes in difficult removals, and advanced techniques such as weaving and stacking, and the new 2d-9d lash extensions to create the most beautiful set of lashes, regardless of your “lash issues’.

Aside from technical skill, Connie pride’s herself on her high level of service. By offering both studio and in-home services, clients can get all the pampering they desire at their convenience. Connie caters to her clients needs and desires and has a special talent for listening to the clients needs and wants and translating that into a beautiful set of lashes that will complement the face shape and eyes, in a truly no fuss, low-maintanence,  make-up -less sort of way.


For appointments, consultations and training information, Connie can be reached at (818) 915-6958



  1. Hi, I am interested in the lifebooker special, but I only need a touch up right now. Can I use the remaining value toward more services later? Thanks, Lisa

  2. HI Connie,

    I am opening a small, quite, beautiful spa, with a view of the lake.. in Westlake Village Ca.The door will open on Sept 1st. I would love to rent a sunday space to you… Please call me, My name is Deby Sosner.. my number is 818-917-9408

    1. Hi Sarah! We have some great specials for August. Full Set is $135 and $40 for fill. First time clients only. If you are a returning client, we are offering 3 fills for $179. Expires 12 month from time of purchase.

  3. Hi Connie

    Do you use models for your lash training classes?

    I’ve been a hair model for various salons in LA, and so I wanted to inquire about this possibility. I’ve available on Aug 14th, or other training dates you might have in the future.


    1. Will tomorrow work for you? I texted you a proposed time. The application takes about 75 minutes. Yes, lashes are fine to wear with contact, no problem. Call me tomorrow morning. xo

  4. do you have any pictures of your client’s lashes? what is the possible appointment times and what is the parking situation like? how long does it take to do a touch up vs. a set of full eyelashes? and what if you already have a set of full eyelashes, can you get more touch-ups then with the lifebooker loot deal?

    1. I have pictures on Facebook and can send you some images from a recent photo shoot to your email if you’d like. Parking is free for 2 hours on the spa side of the street. You can take 12 touch ups rather than 1 full set and 11 touch ups.
      A full set and touch ups are approximately 45-75 minutes depending upon your eye anatomy.

      1. it says first appt has to be made in six months and it is valid for a year, so does that mean if you only have a year to use all the touch-ups then? i was wondering because i bought a package at another place, and i’m still using that now.

      2. It needs to be purchased and begun within 6 months of the Lifebooker purchase. Then it needs to be used within 1 year of the first appointment. Call me directly at (818) 915-6958 if you have any other questions.

  5. curious as to where you trained, i was looking at the lifebooker deal but can’t seem to find much about you in terms of reviews.

  6. hi connie, is the 1 year lifebooker deal for you yourself to apply the lashes or might you be getting other estheticians in to do some of these appointments?

  7. hi connie,
    are you still offering your new client aug 11th twitter special for a full set of lashes & 11 fills for $279? what type of lashes & is glue for sensitive eyes available? if i currently have a set on from another salon what is the cost to remove? please advise, look forward to hearing from you!

  8. Hi Connie, I have the Lifebooker Loot deal and I tried calling your number to book an appointment but it went straight to your voicemail box – couldn’t leave a message because it said it was full. When is the best time to call you to make an appointment? Thank you!

      1. Very nice meeting you too! Thank you for your quick reply to book my appointment. I absolutely LOVE my lashes, I’ve been getting compliments nonstop from family and friends! I couldn’t be happier, you did an amazing job and now I don’t have to spend 15 minutes every morning clumping on the mascara! Thank you and see you in a few weeks! xo

  9. Hi Connie,
    I called you to book an appt. but your mailbox was full–I’m a new customer who got a gilt city offer. Is there another way I should get in touch with you?

  10. HI Connie,
    I am also trying to get a hold of you to book an appointment. Is web chatting like this the best way to reach you?

  11. Hi, I’m trying to set an appointment but I can’t get through on your phone line because the mailbox is full. Is there another way to set an appointment? Thanks!

  12. Hello, I would like to book an appt. with you. I tried calling, but your mailbox is full. I am hoping to come in today or next Wednesday 10/26 at 7:00pm. Please call me at 818 823-8514

    Thanks Connie,

  13. Hi Connie,
    I’ve been trying to reach you for 3 weeks now via text and voicemail to get my retouch. I am a little concern because I have no other way to get ahold of you but your cell number. I am about to loose my last 5 lashes and its not looking so hot. Please let me know if there is anyone else that can help me with an apptn.

  14. Hi, I saw your deal on lifebooker is good for 6 months. Is that six months from the date of purchase or six months after the first appointment? Also, what are your hours? Thanks!

  15. I have a quick question , do u find cry baby mascara to be just as popular as lash extensions . I would love to know you opinion , thank u!

  16. Hello do you have an email I can contact you, I live in mexico and will be in California in Feb and I would love to take your training class

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