The lash extension industry is relatively new. lash extensions emerged as a new beauty treatment about 15 years ago. the technology and advances in training and products have brought us to the point now where lashes are no longer a trend, but a staple that many women are unwilling to live without. Why? Because they really enhance the appearance of the wearer! And who doesn’t want to look prettier without having to work at it?

Lash Extensions are single strands of synthetic, silk or mink lashes bonded directly onto your own natural lash to create an extraordinarily beautiful, natural effect. Lash extensions are bonded with a liquid suture compound which will adhere through showers, swimming and typical daily wear and tear. Lala Lash Extensions last up to 2 months with proper care.

Lash Extensions enhance everything about a woman’s appearance. They have a youthful effect and can take 5-10 years off your appearance. Women love the look of being “done” without having to do any makeup; Although you can certainly wear make up if you choose to, many extension wearers find it unnecessary. Lash extension wearers get loads of compliments, and finally enjoy the feeling of getting the lashes they always wanted without having to struggle with lash strips or mascara. Lash extensions simply look better than what makeup can achieve alone.

“Lash Fills” every 3-4 weeks are suggested as aftercare if you desire to keep you lashes looking full and luxurious.



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