Lalalash Eyelash Extension Training in Los Angeles

As beauty, science and technology advance, so does the public appetite for exceptional personal care services. Lash extensions have grown from being considered a gimmicky fashion trend, to becoming a highly sought after service that clients will spend hundreds of dollars on every month. Lalalash, originally established in Beverly Hills, is expert at achieving the look of the stars that all your clients want. Lalalash is now offering Lash Boot Camp trainings where she teaches you HER LASH SECRETS! Lalalash can help you add a phenomenal service that will increase return clients and referrals. Lash extensions are still a unique service that will set you apart from the rest. Build your business to new heights with Lalalash.

Lash extensions are delicate and seamless. When applied correctly they are uber-flattering and fun to wear. Not only are the low maintanence, as they eliminate prep time and the need for heavy makeup, but they are age-defying- the wearer looks and feels the visible lift of 5-10 years. Lashes make tired eyes OPEN up, and give the wearer a way to really showcase their favorite feature.

Finally, with expert training through Lalalash’s celebrity lash extensionist, Connie Armstrong, and her team, lash fans can learn proper techniques that will get them return clients, referrals and rave reviews. Lash addicts abound. Would you like to add THOUSANDS of DOLLARS to your monthly revenues? Offering lash extensions is the sure way to do it! With her unique experience as a business executive, and years in the field as a technician, Connie truly understands the ways to run a successful lash practice. She shares her secrets with you including unique personal techniques, exclusive CILS FRANCE products that will extend the life of you clients lashes and achieve excellent results, and ongoing technician support as they begin service.

“(Connie) is a sweet and patient teacher. My daughter took the class last week and is already making money doing lashes! We are so excited about this opportunity!” Wendy B.
“The class was really fun. I thought it might be a long day, but it was fun and informative. I really enjoyed myself.” Suzanne P.
“I bought product today, but have already booked clients for the service. They can’t wait to get their lashes done.” Nicole


What are Lash Extensions?

Like hair extensions, eyelash extensions add length to human eyelashes eyelash. Synthetic single fiber polyester thread-like materials are applied to eyelashes to create a fuller, longer look. Extensions come in various lengths, colors and thicknesses, and can be worn during sleep, showering and swimming. However, excessive exposure to oil can weaken adhesive bond. Eyelash extensions differ from “fake” or “false” eyelashes in that they are applied one extension to one lash. The procedure to attach the extensions takes an average of two hours for a full set of extensions of roughly 75-100  lashes per eye. If properly applied with cyanoacrylate adhesive, eyelash extensions are designed to bond to one’s natural eyelash.They look natural and not like strip lashes.

Eyelash extensions may last from three weeks to three months, depending on the cycle of your hair growth. While the artificial lash is placed directly upon the natural lash, they both will fall off naturally as your lashes cycle out and regrow. Most people choose black lashes, however, brown, red, green and purple are available. Colored lashes are good for accents. Mink lashes are available, and are sustainably harvested from live minks in the United States. The minks are combed out, their hair sanitized and the individual hairs are used. Mink sets may cost from $300.00 and up. Nylon based hairs, however, not mink are the most typical lashes used . As lashes are placed one upon the other and may never touch the lash next to it, lash extensions are an extremely tedious process. However, the results should look very natural. Eyelash extensions have been around since the late 1990s, used mostly by fashion models and Hollywood. However, since the early 2000s, many salons have offered this service. Eyebrow extensions are available as well, however are not as popular.

The fake lash never touches the skin, or impedes the growth of the natural lash.

Eyelash extensions are sometimes confused with individual lashes which are like clusters of three and can be applied by anyone … but real eyelash extensions can only be applied by an experienced professional … and if so they will look and feel amazing and last up to 3 months no other lash procedure can promise this.

Want the best eyelash extensions in Los Angeles?

Lalalash eyelash extensions usually start at $250 a set, but for the month of March  are $150 for a full set!!

Enjoy amazing service, relaxation and a little fun! I come to your home and lash you! It’s painless, and after 90 minutes, you’ll open your eyes to a new set of amazing long full eyelashes!!

Sensitive Eyes

Yesterday I did a set of lashes for Amanda Coolong of, and twitter enthusiast @Acoolong, voted one of the 10 Hottest Geeks of 2009. She  is a petite, pale, fair blonde with sparkling blue eyes. She’s very friendly, adventurous, and was super excited for her lashes. When I arrived I met her business partner (he was listening the whole time, I know it, haha), they had just come from The Grove, and I launched in to a crash course of what to expect with lash extensions, and what the process of application would be like.

As I got her in a reclined position and applied the barriers to separate her upper and lower lashes, she found it easy to relax. I used some essential oils on her temples and commenced with application. We talked about what lash extensions are made of (a flexible, synthetic material, silk and mink lashes are used as well), how to care for them (don’t play with them, don’t use oily products around your eyes, etc) if she could wear make up with them (absolutley…when applied and removed with care, and no waterproof products)…as we unveiled I could see that she is capable of wearing even more, so I will be going back over and applying  more lashes for a bit more “drama” (she always plays up her eyes) and to drop off some eye brightening products since she’s on camera often.

When the barriers came off she had a bit of tearing  in her left eye, and so I tried to make sure that the moisture didn’t affect the lashes, but later she let me know some of the lashes were a bit loose and needed to be taken off and re-applied, so I’ll finish that up  today so she looks flawless. Sensitive eyes are not uncommon, I’d say about 30% of my clients have very sensitive eyes. It’s something I am familiar with and deal with all the time. Not a problem!

It was a fun day, and the drive back home to Thousand Oaks was surprisingly not rainy! Yay! I’m going to see Amanda again at 1 pm to give her the finishing touches. She’s a good sport!