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Q&A: Lash Lacquer Semi-Permanent Mascara

Lala Lash owner, Connie Armstrong, gives you the scoop on the latest product, LASH LACQUER. A Semi Permanent Mascara that gives you soft, and defined lashes for 3-4 weeks! No more runny mascara, flakes or smears?  We love it!

Lala Lash’s newest secret to ultra-volume, defined eyes, and how you can learn the newest trick of the trade for your business.

Q: How long have you been a lash extension technician?

Connie Armstrong: I have been working in the beauty industry for almost a decade and lashes since 2006.

Q: Lala Lash just came out with a new beauty craze called Lash Lacquer a Semi-Permanent Mascara, what kind of results does this give your clients?

CA: Lash Lacquer is a really fabulous new product that takes all the work out of your eye makeup routine. This treatment takes about 30 minutes from start to finish. Lash Lacquer is applied to your own lashes. The lashes are grouped into the perfect shape for the individual eye anatomy and personal style. Lash Lacquer is an FDA approved semi-permanent, thickening and lengthening mascara that lasts for 3-4 weeks with absolutely no touch ups. It makes lashes appear 30-50% thicker and longer.

Imagine no more applying or removing flaky, messy mascara every morning and evening. No more annoying touch ups throughout the day. No more crimping and curling your lashes to oblivion. No more raccoon eyes in the middle of the day. No more scrubbing your own lashes off trying to get your mascara

Lash Lacquer bridges the gap between a lash tint and lash extensions. This treatment is perfect for the woman who wants to be the first to try the trendiest new beauty treatments. It is also perfect for the person who wants a lash treatment that works in lieu of lash extensions. Lash Lacquer is an amazingly chic and clean look that gives you the freedom to wake up in your makeup.

Q:  How does this application differ from the normal eyelash extension service?

CA:  Lash Lacquer is not an actual extension of your lashes, so if you really are looking for insane length- lash extensions are likely a better option. Depending on the individual needs and desires of the client, lash extensions and lash lacquer can both be fantastic “makeup-less” options. Lash lacquer is best for the client who wants to have a bit more of a natural look or is not comfortable with the natural wear and tear of lash extensions.

Q: I’ve heard all positive feedback about the newest lash application. How have your clients responded to the new service?

CA: They love their lashes look, how is just lasts and lasts with virtually no maintanence and looks great for day and night. I have had nothing but rave reviews.

Q: For Lash Technicians looking to expand their services, do you recommend adding this lash treatment?

CA: This is an easier service to perform than lash extensions for a technician, and it’s a cinch to get clients excited about Lash Lacquer. Lash Lacquer is a bit easier on the lashes than lash extensions, so it appeals to clients who are more interested in natural services, and more natural looking services. Also, it’s a very new service, so charging premium prices is still possible. It is not something you can find on every street corner. Luckily there is huge public interest in lash treatments, so clients will literally line up out the door for these type of treatments. It really sets you apart as a technician.

Q: I know you actually train other professionals the Lash Lacquer application, when is the next available class?

CA:   I will be teaching a class on Monday August 15th, and Monday Sept 12th. These classes are $650 per student. A basic kit is included. I also do private sessions for people who are looking to have one-on-one guidance, or who need a special date to be trained. Private lessons for Lash Lacquer are 6 hours and $795 per session, this includes the kit. Master lash extension and lash service sessions are minimum of 2 hours in length and are $100 per hour plus the cost of materials depending on the skill that is being requested.


Semi-Permanent Lash Mascara, LASH LACQUER by LalaLash



  • Amazing results that last!
  • Truly No-Maintanence for the client. FDA Approved Treatment takes 30 minutes or less.
  • Can be used as a stand alone service or add-on bottom lashes for lash extension clients. LUCRATIVE!
  • Lash Lacquer by Lalalash will hold lashes in a semi-permanent curl and add 30-50% more volume and length.
  • AMAZING RESULTS! Does not look “fake”.


Enroll now!

Only $650.00 (compare to CryBaby or Lash Dip training class prices for $1200-$1500 per class) includes kit with product for 100-200 applications.

Training class offered at :

8804 Rosewood Blvd West Hollywood 90048

Sunday August 14 1-4 pm

For more information call Connie at (818) 915-6958